Monday, April 21, 2014

The Nursery

The curtains are hung, and the furniture assembled. The onesies are washed, and the drawers have been filled. Everything is in it's place, ready for Miss Maddie. Here's a look at her pink and green nature-themed nursery:

This is the view from the hallway. Tom installed the round drum light that I LOVE, and it has a dimmer switch, which I also LOVE.  I made the mobile above the changing table using twine, an embroidery hoop, and circular paper cutouts.

When you walk through the doorway, there is a little wall to the left that showcases the precious autographed print that my Dallas coworkers gave us.

We ordered the white crib (with matching changing table) from Amazon. The linens, mobile, and rug are from Pottery Barn Kids. I made the banner above the crib using twine and scrapbook paper - super easy and cheap! We ordered the white tree wall decal from Etsy, and it took us HOURS to put up. The reviews said "quick and easy to install" but apparently these people are not the perfectionists that Tom and I are ;) Or maybe our walls just have too much texture. Regardless, I'm really happy with the way it turned out!!

We ordered the glider from Babies R Us, and the green polka dotted curtains were a Pottery Barn Kids splurge.

Another view of the left side of the room. Toy/book shelf from Target, wooden tree decoration from Hobby Lobby, and that's the closet door. Tom set up the baby monitor up in the corner of the room with a perfect view of her crib. The brown basket sits on a little white table beside the glider, which I'll use to store my breastfeeding supplies.

To the right of the window leans a blanket ladder that Tom and I made in an afternoon using two pieces of wood and some wooden dowels from Home Depot. Again - super easy and cheap!  (I had to find some ways to save after all the PBK linens...)  We received so many cute blankets and I really wanted to show them off. The brown dresser was Tom's childhood dresser.  We were a little hesitant at first about mixing and matching the white and brown furniture, and I considered painting the dresser white. But in the end, I just wasn't that motivated, and it's in good shape anyway. I really like how the mismatched furniture goes together after all.

On top of the dresser sits the Dohmie (white noise maker), brag book photo album I can't wait to fill, precious little shoes I couldn't say no to at Old Navy, and a cute little necklace holder turned headband holder that I found on clearance at Garden Ridge. On the wall, I hung another DIY craft. I used scrap paper from name banner for the background and the white frame (from Goodwill, spray painted) that has been holding my weekly photo chalkboard numbers. The "M" is from Hobby Lobby, spraypainted to match the frame.

And finally, to the right of the dresser sits the Diaper Genie, changing table, and laundry hamper. I switched out the white knobs on the changing table with wooden knobs (97 cents at the Home Depot) that I stained brown to match the dresser. Easy way to tie the two pieces together! I painted the little wooden bird on the wall (using a cutout set from Hobby Lobby) and attached a little knob to hang her bath towel on.

Ta-da! There you have it, Maddie's first room! Our due date is TOMORROW and I am so impatient to bring her home.  I arrived precisely on my due date, but I have a feeling Maddie may take her sweet time (since she already passed April 18th, the date I thought she was going to come!). As ready as I am to meet her, I'm also counting my blessings that she is still happy, healthy, and safe in her cozy little home. Fingers crossed she'll be here soon :)


  1. you guys did an awesome job. i'm taking pointers here, and getting inspired for more DIY stuff. we've got one on the way. she'll be a few months younger than madelyn, but I think violet and madelyn should become friends someday.

  2. Nice peaceful space! I love all of your DIY accents in there, I also can’t wait to decorate mia’s room when she gets a bit older! It also will help once we purchase a house to actually make her room hers! Great work!