Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Weekend in Wimberley: Katie’s Bachelorette!

Bring on the food, wine, and gossip! Last weekend, we loaded up for a girls weekend in Wimberley, Texas to celebrate the Future Mrs. Burton. It was my first overnight trip away from Maddie, and I didn’t even cry! Well okay, I might have teared up once. But really, it was such a fun trip and it felt so nice to indulge in good food, good wine, and good [grown-up] conversation.
Friday Night:
Girls night in! We stayed at these cottages, in #8 Black. It was adorable! Well maintained, plenty of space for the 5 of us, and had a small, but full kitchen. Which was perfect for our homemade pizzas! Katie’s cousin, Christine, has been having terrible heart-burn in her pregnancy, and I’m not eating dairy… so our slices of the pizza were pretty silly. No sauce on hers, no cheese on mine! Still delicious though :) We ate and drank, talked and took it easy. Since three fourths of the bridal party are mothers, the conversation included the usual bachelorette party banter, you know, breastfeeding, childbirth, baby-weight loss. Totally normal things to discuss while celebrating someone who is about to get married. I sure hope we didn’t completely bore the bride-to-be and her soon-to-be-sister-in-law!
Our first stop of the day, after a quick selfie outside our cottage of course, was The Leaning Pear for lunch. De-lish! The food was great and the restaurant was super cute. Everything in Wimberley is super cute. Katie sported her Bachelorette sash and looked stunning all day – don’t brides just have a glow!? Our waitress wore jean overall shorts (are those making a comeback?) and made a comment about how she would like to go to a drag show for her bachelorette.  Mmhmm, sure, crazy girl!  In case you care, I ate the chicken and grits – it was awesome.
Next up, we visited Bella Vista, for wine and olive oil tasting. Drinking shots of olive oil is… weird. But the wine was good and the girl pouring our wine was so fun! The vineyard was really pretty, but it was so dang hot outside. 
While there, another fellow wine-taster (slash Texas wine-connoisseur) recommended the Wimberley Valley Winery as another nearby location for us to visit. So we did! We made our way through winding roads to a second winery. This one had much more space, but the wine tasting was much less intimate and educational. But hey, wine is wine, and the wine was good! So good, in fact, that w oman approached me and suggested I should have a glass….

Lady in pink:       Is this your first baby?
Me:                      Yes! What gave it away? My pumping bag? [assuming she was referencing the tell-tale black Medela suitecase I was lugging around.]
Lady in pink:       [silence]
Me:                       Nevermind.
Lady in pink:       You should have a glass of wine, my doctor said it’s okay to have a glass while you’re pregnant!

Ohhhh. You think that I’m… Ohhhh. Well this is weird. In order to avoid making things awkward or creating a scene, I simply said thanks. And promptly rushed to the ladies room to evaluate my silhouette and determine if I did, in fact, look pregnant. Perhaps I hadn’t made the best wardrobe decision, but hey, my pre-baby pants were fitting again, and my husband says I look great, so I thought I could pull off a fitted maxi skirt. Maybe I do still have a bit of a baby bulge. But truthfully, it doesn’t really bother me… didn’t really bother me, until someone called me out on it. Then it bothered me more than I thought it would. I grew a human in there! Just three months ago! Anyway, looking back on the situation, I wish I would have told the lady in pink that I’m not pregnant. Then maybe she would think twice the next time she feels compelled to give advice. Whew, okay, way off track there, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Before heading back to our cottage, we stopped by the Cypress Creek Reserve rum distillery. The rum was good and the owner was friendly, but the distillery was not air conditioned. And, as previously mentioned, it was so dang hot outside. We toughed it out, drank some rum, learned about the distillery process, and sweated out any lingering wine in our systems.
Time for a rest! We had a couple hours before dinner, so we relaxed at our cottage for a bit. Katie took a nap while the rest of us chit-chatted and I had a visit from Tom and Maddie. You didn’t really think I could go a whole weekend without seeing my girl, did you!? They actually stopped by twice on Saturday so I could pass off milk bottles. Maddie love love loved visiting with the girls. She was really quite the talker. And who wouldn’t want a tiny baby (and someone’s husband) at their bachelorette party!? ;)

Next up on our tour of Wimberley was Kate’s Place for dinner. As with everything else in town, this place was adorable! Had the weather been cooler, we would have loved to sit out on the patio. The food was really good, although some of us thought our meals were slighty overcooked. We enjoyed more girly conversations, reminisced on old times, and of course, drank more wine! I would definitely recommend this restaurant, but do note, they don’t do split checks. I ate the pork chop, and the honey-serrano glaze was especially tasty.
Still feeling festive, we decided to check out the night-life in downtown Wimberley. I had read about a place online that supposedly had live music. We parked where my phone map said we should, but we couldn’t see the bar and the girls were possibly a leeeetle skeptical of my bar choice. Especially because we could hear live outdoor music coming from somewhere nearby. But I persevered and convinced them to follow me into what turned out to be the cutest little small-town bar of all time, the Buzzard Bar, where a band was covering Brown Eyed Girl but singing it with the lyrics green eyed girl. The dance floor was packed and all the tables were full. The place was straight out of Hope Floats or some other hometown movie. So stinking cute! But when the song ended, the band announced they were taking a break. Off we went in search of the live outdoor music!

We crossed the street to Inoz, where a band was playing on the patio. We made it just in time for a round of drinks before the bar was closing (at 10pm). The temperature had cooled just enough for us to enjoy the music outside. The band was fun, but we only caught a couple songs before they finished, and we stuck around long enough to be told by our waitress that we had to leave. Closed down bar #1 of the night!
Back over the Buzzard Bar for more music, people-watching, having the cutest little waitress ever, laughing at the guy sleeping on the patio, oogling over the doggie outside, and dancing next to crazy-legs. Oh and guess who we saw? Overalls girl from lunch! Katie and Laura proudly partied through until 1am while the mothers started yawning and struggling to stay awake ;) We made it until they flashed the lights and announced the last call! Before stepping out of the picturesque scene, the girls got caught up in the bathroom chatting with a lady who couldn’t believe she didn’t have a ring yet after 5 months of dating someone! I think she went home with Katie’s oversized, flashing bachelorette ring.

Jessica and Laura had flights to catch, so we didn’t stick around long on Sunday. We awoke early, packed, and cleaned, said our goodbyes and headed back to reality. We had such a great time celebrating Katie’s upcoming nuptials, and I would absolutely recommend Wimberley for a weekend getaway or a bachelorette party! It’s not far off the beaten path, but it’s a whole ‘nother quaint and sweet little world.

Love you, Katie! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Selfie photo credits to Christine’s camera and Laura’s fabulous long arms

And special thanks to the best husband ever, who managed to care for the baby and two dogs all weekend long while I partied it up. His mother said he was…. frazzled. But he seemed calm and collected every time I saw him. Which was often, because he and Maddie drove back and forth several times to meet up with me. I had no doubt he would do an awesome job, he is such a wonderful dad! And a great husband too :)
"She really wasn't that close to the ledge"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Nice break"

We had a little baby shower/lunch today for a co-worker who is due in a few short weeks. We all signed a card to go along with our big group gift. One of the guys who (clearly) doesn't have any kids wrote:
Congrats on the baby boy! It will be a nice break from work. - Jim*
Hahahahaha. I died.
P.S. Have a "nice break" quickly became the running joke amongst the parents in the office.
*Name changed to protect the innocent

Monday, August 11, 2014

Motherhood Monday: Spilled Milk

Whoever coined the phrase:

"No use crying over spilled milk"

... never dropped a bottle full of freshly pumped breast milk. 


And for your viewing pleasure, here's a sweet little clip of Maddie's first giggles! There's a good one at the very beginning and some more at the 0:55 mark. She has only given us a few laughs since then, she's a little stingy still. Water splashing is apparently way funnier than Mom's silly faces and Tom's "dad jokes"......

P.S. if you search for "maddie laughing" on youtube, you get 32,600 results. Ha.