Monday, July 21, 2014

Motherhood Monday

Some days, motherhood is like this:

Other days, motherhood is like this:

And sometimes, on a Monday, motherhood is like this:

You realize on your way to work that you forgot to grab the car seat carrier you need when you pick up your baby. So after work, you swing by your house, drop off your bags, grab a granola bar, and take off to pick up said baby. You pull into the daycare parking lot and realize you didn't grab the car seat. UGHHH. You turn back toward home. You arrive again at daycare 20 minutes later with car seat in hand. When you walk into the infant room, your baby's teacher tells you that your little one had a major diaper blowout, requiring a total outfit change... 

about 10 minutes ago. 

#silentlysnickering #sorrynotsorry

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