Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maddie's 1st Birthday Party

I know, I know. She turns two in less than a week. But, in preparation for her 2nd birthday party, I scrolled back through to look at something in her 1st birthday party blog post, and gasp, I never wrote about it! Not even a long lost draft to be found. So, I'm going to toss this together real quick before it becomes an even more distant memory.

We held Maddie's 1st birthday in our backyard and it was a Farmer's Market theme. We invited close friends and family, catered in BBQ from a neighborhood restaurant, and ate chocolate cake. Some of us got a little more cake on our faces than others! Ahem, Birthday Girl. The weather was pretty warm, but we played outside anyway. Maddie opened her presents indoors and a slideshow of her first year played in the background. My dear friend, Katie, photographed throughout the party so that we could enjoy the fun without worrying about snapping candids. The party was small, quiet, and fun - just like Maddie!

This was the invitation from Pera Press on Etsy:

Here were some of my favorite decorations:

Our guests enjoyed the festivities:

The birthday girl definitely enjoyed herself:

And we all celebrated surviving the first year!


We can't wait to celebrate Maddie's 2nd birthday next weekend!!

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