Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Maddie's "Pink Lemonade" 2nd Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Maddie's 2nd birthday, and it was so much fun! She totally understood the excitement around turning 2, seeing her friends/family, eating cake, and opening presents. Her happiness was contagious and we had the best afternoon celebrating her.

We went with a Pink Lemonade themed party this year. Truthfully, I decided on it last year when I was brainstorming ways to re-use the fruit stand Tom built. But fortunately, Maddie loves the color yellow and lemonade, so it was perfect match. I figure my time is limited before she has a real opinion on her party themes, so I made the decision and ran with it this year.

This was the DIY invitation I made:

And a few of my favorite decorations:

I made these party favors and had guests grab a lemon from one of our many lemon baskets before they left (well, at least, that was the plan... I forgot all about these until half of our guests were already gone):

The weather was warm, but the crowd toughed it out:

Maddie loved [the frosting on] her cupcake:

She also loved her many gifts:

It was such a joy to celebrate our happy girl with our amazing friends and family.


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