Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In the Season of "No News Here"

Friend: So what's new with you guys?
Me: Ohhh... no news here, really.
Friend: How's Maddie?
Me: Great! Getting big.
Friend: How's Bailey?
Me: She's good too!
Friend: Tom still enjoying his new job?
Me: Yep!

Anyone else bored with that conversation? Every time I catch up with a friend these days, that's basically how the exchange goes. I really have no news to share, and every time it leaves me feeling a little disappointed. I mean sure, there are little things, but the fact that "I switched grocery stores" and "Maddie can count to 4" really pales in comparison to "we bought a house" and "we're pregnant!"

But the truth is, I actually love the fact that we have no news here. Our life right now is simple, and we are all so happy. I haven't felt this happy in a long long time. I mean sure, I'd love to share that we won an all-inclusive tropical vacation or that Tom is now the first ever 29 year old partner in his office, but I would more-so hate that share that one of us is ill or our house is in foreclosure or our car was totaled in an accident. Sometimes no news really is the best news.

Someday we'll have news to share again... a bigger house or another baby, promotions and honor roll highlights. But for now, I'm just going to find joy in the mundane. I'll excitedly listen to all of the amazing things my friends are up to, and simply tell them "no news here."

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