Sunday, October 6, 2013

So thankful it's finally FALL!

Remember that time I started a blog and then I pretty much never updated it?  Mmhmm, me too.  Oops.  I recently starting reading a few blogs that my friend recommended for me, and it gave me the motivation to pick mine back up.  (Perhaps you’ll hear from me again in January? ha!)

I think I’m about due for an update post since tax busy season is over, hours are back to normal, and I really have no more excuses.  Our July through September timeframe was pretty much just a whirlwind of long weeks, late nights, and eating cereal for dinner.  I think we counted up at one point and we hadn’t cooked a meal on our stove in over 5 weeks.  Oh the life of a tax accountant.  But let’s move on.

It is finally OCTOBER!!!!  My favorite month of the year.  I just love everything about October – Aggie football season, cooler air, [de-caf] Salted Mocha Caramel Frappuccinos from Starbucks, baked pumpkin goodies that will be a staple in our snack stash for the next month, favorite fall shows like Modern Family and Parenthood, boots, scarves, Halloween decorations, and of course my 26thbirthday! 

So before I tell you all about our awesome October plans, I’ll start with a quick update on our house happenings (since that is really why I started the blog in the first place!).   Nothing too major around here, still getting settled and making it feel like home.  It took me a while (lots of stopping and starting, an hour of painting this weekend, and hour of painting a month later), but I finally finished up this little cabinet:

I purposely bought this guy in red a few years ago and I really loved him like that.  But it just wasn’t working in our new house.  So I pulled out some leftover gray garage paint, painted him up and added some [looks like] vintage knobs.  I love how it turned out!  Just perfect for this little nook in our living room.

Next, I spruced up this old window from my favorite little junk store in New Braunfels, Junkology.

And turned it into this! 

The huge bare wall behind the dining room table had been making me sad since we moved in; it really needed something.  I think this window was the perfect touch, and it ties in the bird theme I have going in the living room.

These were my projects, but Tom has been busy too!  He built us a custom L-shape desk for our loft, and dry-walled the shed Dog Palace in our backyard.  His projects are much more involved than mine, and still have a bit of work to be done.  I love how they’re going to so far, and I will be sure to share once we have completed them!

And now for our October plans – this weekend we visited an adorable little pumpkin patch (I’m sure you can guess whose idea that was), next weekend we’re headed to ACL (Austin City Limits musical festival), the following two weekends are Aggie home football games, a weekday visit to Dallas thrown in there, somewhere we will squeeze in a birthday celebration, perhaps a mini-getaway, and finally, we are so excited to celebrate Halloween in our new neighborhood.  The neighbors are already throwing up spooky Halloween décor and I am stocking up on Halloween candy… for the kids, of course.  Not for me to eat all throughout October…  And did I mention the awesome DIY Halloween costume I am dreaming up?  I’ll save that surprise for later.

OK, if you made it this far into my random post, you are in for a TREAT!  (and I really didn’t even mean to make a Halloween reference)

Tom and I are so excited to announce…. that we will be welcoming our little “pumpkin” in April 2014!

 I promise I will post again soon to answer all the “FAQ” we have been receiving about Baby Cooper!


Until next time, enjoy your October!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! Congrats!! I am glad I read all the way to the end!