Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best Birthday

I love birthdays.  I love parties.  I love birthday parties.  I love cake and ice cream, cards, presents, streamers, and balloons.  I especially love celebrating someone on their one special day of the year.  And if we can make it into a weeklong celebration, well that’s even better.  I even love celebrating my own birthday (maybe that will change as I add more candles to the cake, or maybe not).

In years past, I have shamelessly dropped present hints, countdowns, and reminders in the weeks [months?] leading up to my birthday.  I might as well have just made a billboard that said “Hey everyone, don’t forget it’s my big day on October 24!!!”  But this year, I played it pretty low key.  I didn’t make a big deal out of anything.  No over the top plans, no New Orleans vacation, and in fact, I even worked on my birthday - I think this is the first year I’ve done the 9 to 5 on my b-day.  I didn’t plan a party, or a night out on the town, but my wonderful husband did coordinate an awesome dinner with friends.  [I must admit though, when I had to wake up from my nap to get ready for my birthday dinner, I may have considered cancelling to keep on sleeping the day away.  No offense friends, pregnancy is exhausting!]

But when all was said and done, this was truly one of the best birthdays EVER.  Early in the week, I spent time in Dallas catching up with co-workers and friends.  On my birthday, I had a birthday breakfast of chocolate pop-tarts toasted to perfection by my loving husband (at my own request, he did offer eggs), and then I had 8 dozen cookies delivered to me at work (sugar overload??).  Over the next few days, I had an Aggie football win, a cozy dinner with my parents, and a wonderful evening at The Winflo Osteria on W. 6th Street with close friends (several of whom showed up on crutches and some who traveled over an hour to join - they are real troopers!)

So a big thank you to everyone who contributed to my happy 26th birthday.  I appreciate the thoughts, cards, gifts, and especially the time we shared.  I just know this year will be one of my best years yet!

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